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Q: What is Hopped Up Blasters?

A: Hopped up Blasters is a beer and alcohol enhancer available in multiple flavors!

Q: How do I use Hopped Up Blasters?

A: Pour 1/2 fl oz of Hopped Up Blasters into a 12 fl oz beet or flavor to taste

Q: In what countries are Hopped Up Blasters available?

A: Right now, Hopped Up Blasters are only available in the United States but we are working hard to expand to other countries

Q: Does Hopped Up Blasters change the color of my beverage?

A: No, Hopped Up Blasters is a clear enhancer that will not change the color but will flavor your drink to your favorite flavor!

Q: I wish you came out with [Insert Flavor Here]

A: We are always open to flavor suggestions so drop us a message with what flavor you think we should add to the line!

Q" Is it safe to drink straight from the container?

A: No, Hopped Up Blasters is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted

Q: Is there just one size oh hopped Up Blasters?

A: Hopped Up Blasters come in a 4 fl oz container which can flavor up to 8 12 fl oz beers

Q: Is Hopped Up Blasters just meant for beer or can I use it in other drinks?

A: Hopped Up Blasters can be used in anything that you want to add a touch of flavor to!

Q: Does Hopped Up Blasters contain alcohol?

A: Hopped Up Blasters does not contain alcohol in the product but can be used to add flavor to any alcoholic drink!