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Why should water be the only liquid to be enriched with flavor? Why shouldn't beer and other alcoholic beverages have the same respect and be more interesting and flavorful with just a few drops? That's why we created Hopped Up Blasters! With years of experience in the bar and entertainment industry, we decided to develop a product for adult beverage consumption to be enjoyed in not only your favorite restaurants and bars, but also in the comfort of your own home, at a holiday party, at your next tailgate event or a friends birthday bash! With first hand knowledge of the limited cooler and back bar space in bars and restaurants as well as for retailers and liquor stores to store a variety of alcoholic beverages, we decided to create a product that would give drinks flavor without taking up too much prime real estate or tie up a lot of money in inventory. 

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of flavored beers and alcohol to hit the market, not only from small or micro breweries and distilleries, but from some of the largest players in the sector. However, brewers could be faced with a serious shortage of a vital ingredient that may potentially impact the wallets of fans of craft beer: hops. The steady increase of consumption of craft brews combined with the recent hot and dry weather in Europe and the northwest, has hurt hop harvests. The increasingly popular craft beers, which uses 2-5 times more hops than regular beer, is putting small brewers profit margins under pressure and forcing them to raise prices. Prices of some hop varieties have risen as much as 50%. Hops farmers only have the capacity to handle 10-15% growth per year which is also creating a shortage and driving up prices. This demand is outpacing the supply for certain strains of hops. There isn't a crisis when it comes to getting hops overall, but certain hops can be tough to get. Alpha hops are used to flavor traditional mass market beers but what's new is the rising demand for aroma hops which adds unique bitterness and other flavors to beer including fruity citrus, chocolate, mango, etc. Within 4 years, the acreage producing aroma hops more than doubled. This impact is affecting not only the brewers but ultimately the consumers for getting hops to flavor beer. Simply put, beer drinkers continue to explore new and innovative flavors and retailers, bars and restaurants do not have the space or the extra money to carry the variety of flavored beers and alcohol being produced. 

SOLUTION - Hopped Up Blasters! Our vision for Hopped Up Blasters is to have it easily accessible to our customers on bar tops to grab and pour the flavor that strikes your fancy depending on the mood you are in. This will provide the opportunity for a variety of "craft beer" flavors and flavored alcohols but requiring only minimal space. 

Benefits of Hopped Up Blaster:
-Low cost (no refrigeration needed) storage
-Vast selection of year round and seasonal flavors
-Added selections increase the appeal to all drinkers